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Our Story

During our first year living full time on Daufuskie Island, we heard family, friends, and visitors ask "where can I get some ice cream?" We looked at each other - blank stares. Really? No ice cream on Daufuskie?

This magical, natural, timeless island MUST have an amazing, creamy, cold, delicious dessert. Gelato dell'isola (Island Gelato) was born!

After researching the history of gelato, the process of making gelato, and the many styles and recipes available, we decided to produce an outstanding gelato the way the Italian artisans make it: handmade, all natural, fresh. 

Your Gelato Experience

We are offering made-for-you gelato to our friends, neighbors, and visitors on Daufuskie Island. Place your order online, and we will make the gelato by hand and with the freshest ingredients JUST FOR YOU. 

Gelato quality and flavor is at its best as soon as it is made. Time and temperature have an impact on the quality of gelato. As gelato warms and is cooled again, the ice crystals in the gelato grow in size. Over time, with repeated defrosting and refreezing of gelato, flavor intensity diminishes, and the gelato becomes less creamy and more icy.

To help you have the best gelato experience, we

  • immediately freeze your gelato after making it to keep ice crystals at their smallest
  • package your gelato in pint sized containers to reduce the number of times you defrost and refreeze it
  • transport your gelato to your door in a freezer bag surrounded by frozen ice packs to ensure no melting occurs
  • include a recommended defrost time so you experience the best flavor and texture

We are excited to deliver handmade gelato from our freezer to yours! 

Escape. Relax. Eat Gelato. 

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